About Me


​I've been developing for Microsoft Flight Simulator since the early days of BAO Flight Shop which I got on my 16th birthday, but had to wait until I got home from school to try it out.... that's when I got hooked on making my own content.  Although back then the tools were nothing like we have today, they were very basic and the planes we created ​vaguely ​resembled the aircraft trying to be made.

Since then I've bought every iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator (all still all boxed).  All of the planes you find in my Freeware page are for FS9 (FS2004) or FSX and will always be Freeware.

Please also check out the Projects page for news on any current and future projects....

Lastly, with the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 the learning cure has been quite steep.... and as such any new projects released will be payware, but do not fear these will be very affordable unlike some vendors.

Safe flying! 

Craig Richardson